Cosmyc Vybes
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starts Jan. 4,
9:30am at St Marcellus
1:30pm at St Marcellus
4:00pm at Memorial Health club
6:00pm at Edgehill House
7:15pm at Edgehill House

Pilates core strength*                                                                                           age 18+
Pilates/yoga blend*                                                                                               age 18+
COSMYC MIX  Teen aerobics class *                                                                  age 13-17 only!
Family yoga*                                                                                                          age 8+ with family member
Vinyasa Flow hatha yoga*                                                                                    age 18+

starts Jan. 12, 14
"FIT in 50"** (minutes)
Zumba r Fitness**
all at Thistletown Multi-purpose Centre
925 Albion Rd,
east of Islington.

Starts Jan. 6
9:30am at St Marcellus
1:30pm at St Marcellus
6:15pm at JohnG Althouse
7:00pm at John G Althouse
8:15pm at John G Althouse

Starts Jan. 7
8pm at Kingsview Village

Starts Jan. 15
 6:45pm at Thistletown

SATURDAY afternoon
Time tba**

Jan. 8  EVENT,
Thistletown Multi-purpose Centre

TIME DEPENDENT ON DEMAND! You chose: 6pm, 7pm, 8pm start time. 

FIT IN 50...finally in and out in one hour! Cardio-toning builds muscle, endurance for maximum benefit in shortest time!
Busy people...Three times a week for 50 minutes ensures you reach all your fitness goals.                age 12+     
ZUMBA r FITNESS CLASS   hypnotic latin rythyms, dance sweat smile!
shake it and lose weight, tone your abs! Have fun!                                                                                   age 12 and up
YOGA de-stress, stretch and strengthen, relax and rejuvenate. improve your focus, concentration
send energy where you need it, clear you mind.                                                                                       age 12 and up

Pilates-traditional mat*                                                                                                       age 18+
Pilates yoga blend*                                                                                                             age 18+
Muscle conditioning*                                                                                                          age 18+
Step aerobics*                                                                                                                     age 18+
Zumba r Fitness*                                                                                                                 age 18+

CARDIO-LOW impact Latin-style*                                                                                     age 18 and up*
Cardio, muscle conditioning and ZUMBA r FITNESS 

"CAKRA  BALANCING"  YOGA                                                                           age 12 + active participants
 A 10 session series designed to assist with breathing techniques, poses to release energy blocks
in the body, pain reduction poses and meditations. Sun Salutations and Cakra poses are featured.
Workbook included.

Fit in 50

YOGA "Cakra Groove"                                                                                            age 12 and up FREE
Relax, stretch, find out what Cosmyc Vybes is all about!
Beginners and experienced exercisers welcome!
Refreshments and door prize!

 Call 416-241-9353, 647-377-8008
to chose your workout times or order Cosmyc Pass. 

* pre-register with City of Toronto location, fees set by City of Toronto, Parks and Recreation
** Buddy Pass accepted, see home page for pricing

Thistletown Multi-purpose Centre is located at 925 Albion Road, east of Isligton, Etobicoke

NEW  YOGA  PROGRAM: "chakra balancing yoga"  6:45pm, Fridays in January-March, 2010
Send healing vybes through the chakra (energy centres) of the body. Cool rythmic beats, exercises to release the power of kundalini energy, dynamic flow. Is energy "stuck" somewhere in your body? Disguised as emotion, illness or pain? Let it flow. One chakra focus per week with take-away exercises and meditations to release your inner healing power.

Call today, class size limited.
416-241-9353  or 647-377-8008 call Nancy 

Bring a mat, yoga mat or any non-slip mat will do. Some mats are available; bring a towel, dress comfortably.
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