Cosmyc Vybes
Be moved!

Welcome to COSMYC VYBES Yoga Dance club

What do you need to keep your New Year's Resolutions?

Exercise....Easy, efficient, enjoyable          3x weekly
no problem. Choose from 3 cardio classes or 3 yoga classes or 3 "Full body in 50" minutes classes

Nutritional advice?  
no problem. Use the original "Star System" food management and reward system. On-line and telephone support is available.

21 repetitions to create a habit
no problem. Buy a 20 class pass(two 10 class passes) and get 1 class free!

Bring your Buddy
An exercise buddy creates motivation and better program adherance                            SAVE $40 with a Buddy Pass!

10 class pass= $120 +
10 class pass= $120
Buddy pass   = $200 (10 classes for two)
SAVE $40 and increase your success rate!

Junior pass (age 12-17) 10 classes =$50
Junior Buddies = $80
Junior Pass is applicable to child fitness tax credit.

(21 class pass=$220)
All passes are shareable and transferrable!
No expiry date!

Class availability depends on minimum registration requirements.
Call 416-241-9353 to reserve your Cosmyc pass. 

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